Become a Sponsor

Maker Faire Adelaide wouldn’t be possible without the active involvement and generous contributions of our sponsors.

Sponsors of Maker Faire Adelaide nurture the spirit of curiosity in our State and encourage the love of learning, sharing and doing among the diverse Maker Community.

Your support will bring ideas to life by contributing to a venue for makers to showcase their work and interact with each other. The often invisible community of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Makers will be given the chance to pull their projects and ideas out of their sheds, workshops and off their kitchen tables and into the spotlight.

We consider that something extraordinary.

The synergy created at Maker Faire Adelaide inspires and extends beyond boundaries. For anyone who has ever wished to be part of something bigger and greater than oneself, you won’t want to miss:

  • Networking opportunities with top local & international makers
  • Exposure to never before seen innovations & inventions
  • Contributing to and benefiting from the knowledge & creativity of the maker community
  • Increased brand awareness and goodwill
  • Promoting your products and services to new clients
  • Positioning your organisation as a community builder & innovation leader
  • Building new partnerships and collaborations with makers & maker organisations.

If you are considering becoming a Maker Faire Adelaide sponsor, click on the button below to download the Sponsors Information Pack or email Alison Kershaw at for more information.